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Will I understand the lesson if the teacher only speaks in English?

A Students 4 English class is very interactive. This format allows engagement easily. Students look at slides while the teacher tries to explain what is in them using words or mimics and gestures. You will soon understand the concept and material. After a few classes students get used to the format and can easily understand instructions, repeat, choose or answer their teacher.

Where will the online class take place?

Your online class will take place via the Zoom APP. You will be prompted to download Zoom via email. Full instructions will be emailed upon booking your classes.

Can I use a smartphone to learn?

Yes, all our classes take place on the Zoom APP, therefore you can use any device that supports this APP for your classes.

How to continue with lessons after the trial class?

Upon completion of the trial class, please choose your lessons and duration from our company website. You will then be prompted to pay for your lessons.

How can I pay for lessons?

Please create an account on our company website. Once this has been done, please choose your course and follow the prompts to the booking calendar and payment option.

How to cancel or move a lesson?

You can cancel or reschedule your lesson up to 2 hours before your lesson starts. Please go the booking calendar to reschedule.

We had tech issues during the lesson. What do I do now ?

Please ensure you check your equipment prior to the lesson start time. If during the class there is a technical problem. Your teacher will email you to re-book the class free of charge.

Can several students participate in a lesson at the same time?

A Students 4 English lesson is designed for only 1 student at a time. This students’ progress is recorded and courseware can be adjusted according to their needs.

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